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                Dual-axle Strong Stirring

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                1博电竞app、Product features:.
                      It applies to raw material like clay, coal gangue, shale and fly ash, fully stirring and mixing the material with water to increase its plasticity.

                2、Technical parameters

                Date Units of meas SJJ43×300
                Production capacity M3/h 50-80
                Agitator shaft speed  r/min 40
                Power  kw 90
                Overall dimension mm 7500×1500×1000
                Mixing diameter mm 480

                Date Units of meas SJJ50*300
                Production capacity M3/h 60-100
                Agitator shaft speed r/min 38
                Power kw 132
                Overall dimension mm 7800×1600×1100
                Mixing diameter mm 550