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                The full-auto brick-cutting &setting production system

                Update time:2020-05-30clicks:

                1、Product features:
                     The full-auto brick-setting machine, adopting advanced servo-control, PLC control system with high running accuracy, easy operation, stable transportation, flexible pile-setting, small floor space demanding, can dramatically lower the user’s operating cost in the long run. Also the differnet piling formats can be customized.

                2、Technical parameters
                   Date    Units of meas    双联切条切坯机
                   Power    kw   14
                   Cutting frequency    times/min   10-20
                   Production capacity    pieces/h   20000-55000
                  Overall dimension    mm  10000×3100×1600

                 Date  Units of meas  双联双泥条切条切坯机
                 Power  kw  24
                 Cutting frequency  times/min  10-18
                 Production capacity  pieces/h  20000-70000
                 Overall dimension  mm  11000×3500×1700