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                Automatic cutting and turning system for industrial robots

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                1博电竞app博电竞app博电竞app、Product features:
                     The brick stacking clamp system can be designed according to different stacking style and brick modle.This system is based on AC servo motor driving and the working process is controlled by the PLC automatic controlling.
                     Brick setting robot : it is the trend to Make the brick produce intelligentization. In the new situation, we use the intergrated system of the brick setting robot and the hard plastic extruding technology to the brick industry and realize the intelligent produce. The robot can save many labours, improve the production and economic benefits.

                2、Technical parameters

                   Date     Units of meas     MPL800
                   Loading     kg     800
                   Control axes     Axes     4
                  Frequency     time/h     200-300
                  Yards billet capacity     Pieces/times     84-108
                   Production capacity     pieces/h     21600-32400 

                   Date     Units of meas     MPL500
                   Loading     kg     500
                   Control axes     Axes     4
                  Frequency     time/h     240-360
                  Yards billet capacity     Pieces/times     48-75
                   Production capacity     pieces/h     17280-27000